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Open Call for Turkey-Taiwan Joint Exhibition Project

ders BELGELİĞİ aims to stay open to the world, to see and interpret the forms and the nature with our own eyes, to develop a creative attitude and critical aesthetic attitude; strive to increase contact with the objects around us and to create opportunities for individual experiments. For this purpose it opens ‘’archive exhibitions’’ in the department every year and carries those exhibitions to other educational institutions since 2005. In 2016, ders BELGELİĞİ has transported an international aspect the works of students and alumni with opening the first overseas exhibition in Czech Republic – Jan Evangelista Purkyne University. Finding the opportunity to express themselves as a student in the international field and intercultural interaction open up new horizons for students/alumni and expand covarage area of ders BELGELİĞİ.

In this project that will be held jointly by the students of ders BELGELİĞİ and Taipei National University of the Arts, students who live, produce and have art education in two different countries will come together, make a collective exhibition work and exhibit this works in Taipei National University of the Arts located in Taiwan. For the exhibition work, a certain number of participants from both countries (Turkey and Taiwan) will meet on certain dates. This project covers an intercultural process that is participants will communicate until the exhibition date, exchange ideas, create an original exhibition and decide on the methods of implementing their constructions. The project is open to the participation of all ders BELGELİĞİ students and alumni. Students and alumni who want to take part in the project are required to submit to until 7th November 2018 with a letter of intention which will not exceed 300 words that explains why they want to take part in this project and a portfolio containing maximum 10 works.

Project Coordinators:
Selin Yağmur Sönmez
Tzu Yu Lin

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