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Hüseyin Aksoy received Live Art Award

Painting contest entitled “ Create Your Own Portraits” from Winsor&Newton was concluded:

Hüseyin Aksoy studying in the department of art teaching at Marmara University, the faculty of education won first prize in two-stage painting contest( Turkey and Global) entitled « Create Your Own Portraits » organized by Live Art.

Hüseyin Aksoy’s contribution to the competition

Hüseyin Aksoy, the winner of first prize, acquired also Winson&Newton art materials cheque and had a right to participate in the second stage Global competition. The contest award of Hüseyin Aksoy was handed over in the design-painting workshop numbered R8 of H. Avni Öztopçu where he is studying.

Hüseyin Aksoy received the award from Merve Sözeri on behalf of Live Sanat

After the contest, art materials bought by gift card and Live Art Awards given to instructors was handed out to the winners of 4th painting contest.

Winson and Newton art materials was given to referee, H. Avni Öztopçu as present. The art materials bought by gift card was given to Sidar Baki, Serdar Oruç and Aras Yazıcı who was awarded.

Aras Yazıcı, ders BELGELİĞİ 4th Painting Contest Prize
Serdar Oruç, ders BELGELİĞİ 4th Painting Contest Prize
Sidar Baki, ders BELGELİĞİ 4th Painting Contest Prize

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