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19th BELGELİK Exhibition

The 19th BELGELİK Exhibition is meeting with the audience.

BELGELİK Exhibitions, consisting of drawings and paintings of students study at H. Avni Öztopçu’s atelier, is held every year in April aiming to carry out these works to other educational institutions and cultural centers and contribute to the art education. Students of the atelier, starting from 1997, have organized 36 exhibitions from the works of Ders Belgeliği.

The 19th BELGELİK Exhibition contains the Works of 2016-2017 period 1st year drawing, 2nd year SSA – ASA painting, 3rd year SSA and master students who study art education at Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education. In this exhibition, a total of 126 studies selected from 2016-2017 period will be displayed.

In this exhibition some sketches of the students are displayed as well with the finished paintings to show the process of the student from 2016-2017 period. Unlike the previous Belgelik Exhibitions, this year students will perform a rhythm-music work. Also seeds of different trees will be distributed during the exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition will be at halls of the Art Education Department, Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education on April 3, 16.30

19th BELGELİK Exhibition of atelier R8 will be held in department halls between 2-13 April.




Oytun Önal


Merve Çifcibaşı


Ayçanur Sena Yurtsever

Oytun Önal


Merve Çifcibaşı

Ömer Baran İzgi





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