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Soil and Human

Rather than just consuming, I liberate my body and soul by consuming what I produce

Kadir is studying Art Education at Marmara University, Atatürk Faculty of Education.  Along with his passion for art, he has taken some steps towards becoming a part of nature. Thus, the first thing he did was to communicate with the soil. While continuing his education and looking for ways to live in touch with nature, Kadir has encountered with Ders Belgeliği and  continued his work in this context. We wanted to talk with dear Kadir about human-nature relationship and how he shapes his life style according to that. His very first sentence was this:

“We live as it is imposed on us, and this is not the real us.”

Kadir is practicing seeding and fertilizing at his atelier’s garden in Alemdağ for about two and a half years. He finds the joy he has by working in garden similar to a kid’s joy of playing a game. As the study group of Belgelik Ağaçları, they do researches about nature and share their outcomes; thus they become more knowledgeable and aware about trees and seeds. Kadir, whom started planting with seeds of trees such as walnut, acorn, bay, chestnut, etc., is also trying to replicate different plants by grafting.

” I water my plants in order not to dry them, I dig the soil to let the air in, I fertilize the soil to make the soil better for plants. I protect them so that animals do not hurt them. All of these are happening gradually. I want them to live because I grow them. For example, if a plant does not love its place, I see a lot of moisture on its leaves and I think it as tears. I understand then that I need to change place of the plant and when I find the right environment, it cheers up and its development accelerates. ”

He explains to us why he does all this with one sentence:

” I try not to be a part of the dense consumption in the world. I try to live simple and sustainable life with production”

At first Kadir’s purpose was just to arrange the atelier’s garden. However, after he touched the soil, cultivating revealed the feeling of being united with the earth in Kadir.

While working with soil, Kadir has realized more and more about his experimental side. We see his experimentality both at cultivating the soil and at his productions. With this experimental life, he perceived the feeling of existence and unity. At the same time, he has gained the power to blend and express with his senses. The sense of responsibility has enhanced by planting seeds. He realized that his life, which became complicated with unnecessary details, became simple with the soil and the soil makes the person return to self. For this reason, we understand further why Kadir spent his time in his garden, not in cafés…

Atelier Garden, Abdulkadir, 2017

Kadir increases the values of soil with both compost and animal fertilizer experiments. He obtains the compost from food and plant scraps and by doing so he intends to maintain the rhythmic cycle of nature. “In the world, animals and plants have a perfect balance with nature, we, humans, are not patient and we try to speed it up and violate it. We even play with a tomato’s hormones and we have it matured instantly.” says Kadir.

Kadir begins to talk about Aşık Veysel’s gratitude for soil by quoting him. “My faithful beloved is black soil”. He thinks that the earth purifies and heals the person. ” Whatever you give to the earth, you can get more than you need. You learn patience while waiting for your labor” he adds.


” We must be thankful that the earth gives us free of charge. When human weaknesses are considered, the power to resist increases with the soil, otherwise the feeling of austerity decreases and the desire to obtain from the easy path begins. Soil is the beginning of existence for earth and is indispensable. Both the smallest and greatest matter that exists turns into soil in the end. Most importantly soil teaches the person to love and this simplifies this person. ”


Loving means the togetherness of one being with another; the experience of being one.

Erich Fromm


By acknowledging the contributions of nature to human beings, he emphasizes the importance of being a producer. “We give into a spiritual weakness as a consequence of the dependence to the consumption. Capitalism is causing us to buy products that we do not need while making us think that we need it. The biggest factor that supports this is the virtual reality created by the media and technology Rather than just consuming, I liberate my body and soul by consuming what I produce ” emphasizes the importance of cultivating.

He tells us these concerning the mind-nature relation:

” Our mind is experiencing the fatigue of external factors. Yet a calm mind will show us the way to be in peace and happiness. Listen to your inner voice, I mean the pure you. We cannot generally hear it because of the voices that surround and influence us. Try to get away from the mess and try to hear it. ”

Kadir has set himself a real game in this day and age where virtual reality has increases rapidly. He has taken the very first steps and continues with pleasure and excitement. At the end of the game, there is a real life that is consistent and in balance with nature.


Oytun Önal

Abdulkadir İnan
Şennur Kesin

Abdulkadir İnan
Şeyma Temiz

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